Wednesday, March 31, 2021

362. Brewery 33 (Logan, OH) - Standard Exchange

“All Cascade hops from Knauss Hop farm in Sycamore, OH. Light, hoppy, fruity and session able [sic]!”

This was the beer I bought for carry-out when we visited Brewery 33 on Sunday. Unfortunately, the first one I tried was mostly flat. Oddly, though, that did not seem to affect the flavor. Very Cascade-y, with grapefruit, spice, and citrus, and a slightly bitter finish. There are three more waiting, so hopefully at least one of those will be a little bit better. The second one was also flat, and tasted mostly the same as the first one. The third one, at home, and poured into a mug, was not quite as flat and had a much smoother flavor, with very prevalent spice notes. Not sure how I feel about this place, though the tiny little taproom had a very friendly vibe.

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