Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stand with the President to Reduce Gun Violence

I know there’s not much that reasonable people can do to convince the gun nuts that they’re batshit fucking crazy. I don’t even think it’s worth the time and trouble to make the argument. No civilian anywhere on earth has any valid reason to own a fully automatic military assault rifle, and there is no valid argument to the contrary—even for the wingnuts who think their home is always about to be invaded. (And if the neighborhood is so unsafe, then why the fuck did you move in there, retard?) But trying to explain all of that to these Second Amendment freak shows is like trying to explain the validity of carbon dating to the people who think that cavemen rode dinosaurs.

Do I think that all of the executive orders that President Obama courageously signed this week will stand? Of course not. The gun lobby and its hillbilly cousin-fucking entourage wield far too much power in the Special Interest States of America. (Remember how all of these great states are just so special and interesting and united in their Americanness? You betcha!) Do I think that President Obama is overreaching with some of this anti-gun rhetoric? Probably. But you know what? We need someone to overreach. The Republicans in Washington don’t want to help anyone who isn’t old, rich, white, male, and Protestant. The Democrats in Washington may not be much better—but they are better. And President Barack Obama is better than all of them put together.

Some people are saying that President Obama is taking advantage of Newtown to do what he is doing. I’m not sure that’s even possible. Which is the more unthinkable—to come heavy (as it were) against guns after something like Newtown, or to sit back and do nothing, while continuing to cash the checks from the learning-impaired monkeys at the NRA? If Mitt Romney had won, we’d know what it looks like for the President to sit back and do nothing while getting paid by the NRA. Fortunately for the good of humanity, the good guy won. Let’s do just a little bit to get his back.

Write your Representatives and Senators. Click here to stand with the President.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Deep Thoughts #92

If every conservative had the capacity (so to speak) to reason of this conservative, how much better a place might this world be to live in?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Deep Thoughts #91

I’m pretty sure I just did worse on the Jeopardy! online test than I did last year. Guess I’ll have to finance my kitchen remodel after all.