Sunday, September 03, 2017

10. Sun King - Dragon's Delight Belgian Style Golden Ale

“Dragon’s Delight is a legendary Belgian-style ale formed over the flames of the golden dragon, with grain raided from the Drundag Ridge, and hops foraged from the Askrean Plains. Hoard this glorious golden ale while this dragon sleeps.”

This is the beer that Sun King brewed especially for the 2017 edition of Gen Con, and it’s all right. I guess. It’s bready and almost sweet, which is maybe supposed to disguise its high alcohol content—but it’s not my thing. Browsing the interwebs tells me the alcohol is 7.3%, but that’s either wrong, or my system metabolizes this brew in such a way that I don’t feel it. Not even a little. Maybe if I drank more than one at a time, but I didn’t like it enough to drink more than one—and it’s a limited edition, so I guess we’ll never know.

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