Sunday, September 30, 2018

52. Taxman Brewing Co. - Exemption

“Claim an Exemption, our abbey-style tripel. This crisp golden ale unites lemon, orange peel and coriander spices with flavorful Belgian esters. White wheat, oat and artisan malts contribute a balanced body complemented by golden candi sugar.”

I’m not all that experienced when it comes to tripels, and the sugar part worried me a little bit; but they both manage to work to great advantage to at least partially mitigate the 8.5% ABV. I taste more banana bread than fruit, but I bet Shane would tell me that I need to let it warm up a little bit. It’s very smooth, and that 8.5% is a nice little punch on the back end. Taxman is one of my favorite breweries in the area, and this is one of the most interesting of their brews that I have tried.

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