Monday, December 11, 2006

New Blog

Apparently one blog is not enough for me and my verbosity, because I have created another one. Unlike The Blog-O-Rama, however, The Baby Blog actually has a purpose - which is to be a way for me to post information about the baby Amy and I are expecting, so that people who don't live all that close to us can check out the blog and get an idea of where we're at, and maybe see some pictures at some point (this will require that I learn how to post pictures, of course); and I hope that those of you who are kind enough to visit The Blog-O-Rama on a regular basis will glean some enjoyment from The Baby Blog, as well - probably more so once I post pictures of the baby upending its bowl of spaghetti over its head, or chucking toys across the room.

So that was it - just a quick little post today. I have a little item on Christmas trees at the Seattle-Tacoma airport, but I have to look into a bit more before I post it - and I am afraid that work calls at the moment, so Christmas trees shall have to wait.

1 comment:

Hillary said...

i, for one, look forward to photos featuring Child of Peddie.