Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Were You Watching?

I loped on over to the web site for Sports Illustrated, to see about setting up a subscription so that I could get the fancy Colts championship package they are offering to new subscribers. This is something that Sports Illustrated has been doing for years and years now, in order to get new subscribers, and to commemorate the championship season just completed. They do it for most of the major league professional sports, as well as for college football and men's college basketball. I've always wanted to sign up for Sports Illustrated to get one of those packages, but my team has never won their championship. Until now. The subscription rate is $98, which feels sort of steep. This from a guy who just dropped $75 on a Manning jersey without batting an eye. Anyway - not the point.

The point - while locating the link to the championship package subscription page, I happened upon another link - to a story about the television ratings for yesterday's Super Bowl.

It turns out that yesterday's game was the third-most-watched television program EVER - second only to the 1996 Super Bowl between Dallas and Pittsburgh and the season-finale episode of M*A*S*H. The Colts and the Bears drew an estimated 93.2 million viewers - many of whom were undoubtedly tuned in to see if Manning and company could finally get the job done and bring home the trophy.

Just one more thing to be happy about at the end of this championship season for the Colts - that so many people tuned in to see the Colts claim the championship they have coveted for so long. The excitement and energy downtown this late afternoon and early everning were good cappers to the season, but I'm going to save that for its own post.

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