Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Jeopardy! Online Test

I finally signed up to take the Jeopardy! online test, and it starts in less than four minutes. I always used to hem and haw and make excuses about why I never did this, but once I switched over to the fancy high-speed interwebs - and realized that you did not HAVE to take the test on the date/time specified for your time zone (which was always Tuesday night for me, a night when I always have to work) - I decided that I was pretty much out of excuses. Now it's under 90 seconds until the test starts, so here we go.

And nine minutes later, the test is over. I looked at the website this morning - okay, this afternoon - and read that the test would only take about ten minutes, for 50 fill-in-the-blank questions. That turned out to be the case, and even though I knew it was going to be quick, it seemed to go a lot quicker. I had hoped to keep track in my head of all the questions I knew I got right, but I wasn't more than about ten questions into the test before that idea went out the window. I didn't get an answer typed in before the time was up for two of the questions, and there are at least two that I know for sure that I got wrong.

I don't imagine that I will actually get on the show, but I guess it was about time for me to at least take the test and have a go at it. They used to have a practice test on their website, and I took that once and got 30-ish right out of 50. The website said before the test that you generally needed to get around 35 questions right to have a chance to get on the show. I know I got quite a few right tonight, but I don't think it was 35. I couldn't even get 35 when it was practice and there was no pressure to get the answer typed in before the time ran out. Oh well...

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