Thursday, January 26, 2012

Indiana: Working Hard to Be the Most Ignorant State in the Union!

Indiana House Bill 1073, which would have cleared the way for meaningful mass transit for at least Marion and Hamilton Counties, went down in committee, 10-11, because of right-to-work language included in the bill. It is, of course, no secret that Republicans are against labor. Speaker Brian Bosma, a disgrace of a politician, has rammed right-to-work down the throats of Hoosiers who don’t want it (like the guy in the original The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo who raped Lisbeth’s mouth), but that’s not enough for these right-wing monsters in the Statehouse. They can’t just have union-busting right-to-work. They also have to destroy the possibility of mass transit by including right-to-work language. How much more embarrassing can this incredibly backward, hilljack state get?

Answer: Quite a bit. Now the mouth-breathing Retardlicans want to pass a bill that would allow the teaching of creationism in science classes. That’s sort of like teaching woodworking during band class. Earth to right-wing, conservative, Republican retards: CREATIONISM IS NOT SCIENCE! It is no way, shape, or form, science. It is a belief system—period, end of report, next case.

Would you believe that I am actually not fundamentally opposed to the teaching of creationism in schools? I’m really not. I don’t believe in it, of course, because it is nonsense (creationism is about as valid as saying that yellow and blue make twelve); but I am not opposed to its being taught—in religion or philosophy classes, where it belongs. It’s so embarrassing to be a citizen of Indiana right now. The people who run this state, and the monkeys who vote for them, are so fucking ignorant.

Click here to find your state legislator. Let them know that you support House Bill 1073, and that you oppose Senate Bill 89.

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