Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More Civic Action

Today I got a letter in the mail, from the Indiana Democratic Party, asking me to sign a petition to get John Gregg and Joe Donnelly on the primary ballot for Governor and U.S. Senator, respectively. I don’t know anything about Joe Donnelly, except that he’s running for the U.S. Senate—which I did not know until I got the letter; and I still don’t know much about John Gregg, except that his campaign ignores information requests submitted from his website. I still haven’t received a response to the questions I submitted on September 14th, and I also have not received a response to a follow-up message I submitted on September 21st. That ain’t cool.

But then again, I submitted very obviously liberal questions to a DINO. Maybe he just ignored me because he thought that nothing he could say would win my vote—or maybe it was the other way around, and he assumed that my obviously liberal questions meant that I would definitely vote for him. Neither supposition is accurate. I would write-in my Zippo lighter before I would vote for Mike Pence, but I’m also not going to vote for just any old hilljack, just because he claims to be a Democrat. (I sort of wish the two parties would abandon the Democrat and Republican designations and simply call themselves Liberals or Conservatives. That would make politics in this country a whole lot more honest. It would still be disappointing, backward, Conservative politics; but at least we would be able to see the true face of the intransigent monster obstructing progress. But whatever.)

So just for fun, I brought up Mike Pence’s website today, checked to see if anything on the site directly addressed anything I asked in my questions (no), and then used the feedback form to submit the exact same set of questions that I submitted to John Gregg—verbatim, except that I replaced “Mr. Gregg” with “Rep. Pence,” and changed “Governor Gregg” to “our next Governor” (which necessitated a small grammatical change a few words later) there near the end. I left everything else the same, including the one or two bits of moderately fiery rhetoric that were clearly anti-conservative. Here’s the strange thing: Mike Pence cannot win my vote, but if he actually answers my questions, I will have more respect for him than I do for John Gregg.

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