Wednesday, September 21, 2011

John Gregg for Indiana - Not So Much

So it’s one week later, and I have not received a response by e-mail for any of the questions that I sent to Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg through his website. This is discouraging. As a liberal, I expect nothing from a useless human being like Mike Pence. I do not expect much more from people like John Gregg, who are basically liars—saying they are Democrats when their values hew much closer to those of Republicans and conservatives.

But regardless of what I think of them as human beings, I would expect any person running for office at least to respond to questions asked by a potential voter. Were my questions leading? Sure they were. I don’t imagine it’s possible to read those questions I wrote and not know that they were written by a liberal with the express hope that they would be answered by someone of like mind. I did not realistically expect that they would be answered that way. I am sure there are a few liberals in southwest Indiana, but I suspect that the likelihood of running into one of them randomly is about the same as that of randomly running into a liberal Saudi in the Arabian Desert.

I thought there would at least be whatever the electronic version of a form letter is as a response; but, you know, not so much. If this is because the Gregg campaign somehow did not get my e-mail submission from their web form, then that’s one thing (which I’m going to look into); but if it’s any other reason, then that’s a pretty good indication that liberals in Indiana are fucked for the next four years, regardless of which candidate is elected to replace Mitch Daniels.

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