Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Photos #5

The first set of new pictures is just a few shots of Jackson at the playground at Amy’s church, from about six weeks ago. Second set is from earlier this month when I took Jackson to the zoo to meet up with Amy and a group of her students who were taking a field trip that day. It was cool and rainy that day, so all of the pictures are from the indoor Oceans exhibit.

The third set is slightly meatier, from last Sunday when we were out and about downtown and walked around Capitol Commons Park, which is on the southwest corner of Washington and Capitol, across Washington Street from the Statehouse and behind the monstrous new Simon headquarters. Most of the shots are of Jackson cavorting about, but there are some shots of the two George Rickey sculptures that are in the park - part of the new ten piece installation downtown that is the latest in the city’s series of outdoor public art exhibits (and about which I blogged earlier this month).

If you live here in town (or are planning to visit anytime between now and September 7th), you should definitely take an hour or so when you get the chance and go downtown to have a look at these sculptures - especially if you can find the time to go on a slightly breezy day. The sculptures contain no motorized parts of any kind - but all of them move, and all of the motion is created by the wind. It’s a pretty compact little walk, too, to see them all; you don’t have to wander all over downtown like you did for the Julian Opie Signs exhibit, or even as far afield as was necessary to see the Chakaia Booker Mass Transit pieces.

Fourth set is from yesterday at the 500 Festival parade downtown. We picked up takeout food from Shapiro’s and set up on the grounds of the Federal building, near Pennsylvania and North, where the parade started. Usually when we go to the parade, we end up just catching the tail end of it, or maybe half - but yesterday we were sitting down and eating lunch before it even got under way. Jackson, however, did not want to sit still, so we didn’t see much of the parade after we were done eating. The two shots of him standing up are from when he was dancing and running around the grounds of the Federal building where we were sitting to watch the parade.

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