Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Photos #3

Okay, at long last here are some recent photos of Jackson. The first set just has a few photos of Jackson mugging for the camera, chewing on a hat, and playing in a big cardboard box. Buy all the toys you want for your little critters, and they'll still wind up having the most fun with empty cardboard cartons and big stacks of Pizza Express cups. The second set is from one part of an excellent walk along the downtown canal last month. (The largest part of why there have been so few new photos of Jackson is that we did not get out and about much on Sunday afternoons this winter because Jackson tended to get very cranky very quickly, a situation that does not make for good times out on the town. On this particular day, however, he was in excellent spirits, and we walked a considerable amont of the Canal Walk.) The final set is also part of the walk on the canal. When we walked by the State Museum, Jackson became very interested in the giant mastodont statues just off the sidewalk outside the museum, and he walked over the pebbly gravel and around among them long enough for me to get quite a few pictures. Hopefully, as the weather gets nicer and there are more chances to get out and about, there will be more opportunities to get pictures of Jackson exploring the world.

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