Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jackson Gazes In Awe At The New Stadium

So says I, right? I don't have any new pictures from staying home with him this week - he slept a lot more than he usually does these last two days - so these are a couple of shots I snapped on the sidewalk catty-corner from the new stadium. In one of them, Jackson is looking off to his left, in the general direction of the stadium, but I can't say for sure that he was looking at the stadium. He might well have been pooping.

1 comment:

Prime Mover said...

"Hey Daddy! Is that going to be the new place where coach Dungy takes a dump and completely blows another playoff game?"

"Yes, son." (voice quivering)

"It is whaaaaaaaaaa" (Dad breaks down in tears).

I should probably cut Dungy some slack, he did win a Super Bowl, but damn if that loss didn't sting.