Sunday, January 20, 2008

Now's The Time To Make The Time - While Hope Is Still In Sight

I heard from Ryan at work tonight that Rush would be swinging back through Indianapolis on June 25th, 2008. I made a quick trip to their website, and it turns out that they've added another whole leg to the Snakes & Arrows tour, stopping in a number of cities in North America where they have never played or have not played in a long time. They've played Indianapolis on every tour since at least Roll The Bones, which was when I started paying attention - but that tour was also the last time they played Indianapolis twice. If memory serves, the first show on that tour was on or around Halloween at Market Square Arena, and the second show was the following spring at Deer Creek (which was the first time I saw the band).

I missed them when they were here last summer, mostly because Jackson was less than three months old at the time and we weren't sure it was fair to sic him on my parents for that long when he was so little. This time, however, I shall have no qualms in that regard, and I shall (hopefully) make up for missing the last show by getting to see them at least one more time (which will be my sixth Rush show - I've only seen two other bands more than once, and I'm ashamed to say that the Dave Matthews Band is one of those - I'm not at all ashamed to say that Pearl Jam is the other).

Their website also says that a Snakes & Arrows live album will be released sometime in April, which is fine news.

(As soon as I heard the news from Ryan and checked the band's website, I checked Josh's blog - and sure enough, he had already posted about it. Josh also notes that at the time of the June show, his wife will be eight months pregnant - so congratulations to the Spears family on their "future Rush fan," as Josh puts it.)


Godfather Weilhammer said...
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Godfather Weilhammer said...

And Rush is....a band, I guess?

Must be Canadian.

Prime Mover said...

Thank you very much! We are excited about the upcoming addition. Don't be ashamed about Dave Matthews, I've seen them twice also. Not too proud to admit that, I mean, shit, I've seen Mr. Big twice. Of course they were opening for Rush.

Michael Maier said...

Dave Matthews? Like your pot smoke, eh?

I actually had to leave three or four songs into their concert because I got violently ill from the CLOUD at Deer Creek.

Mr. Big was in 1990, right?

I cannot believe you've only seen Rush once!

But I'm obsessive. I've seen Rush 7 times and Steve Vai 8 times plus one in-store performance.

Prime Mover said...

You are correct, Mr. Big was 1990, they opened again for them during the Roll the Bones tour. I've actually seen Rush 8 times.

The Roll the Bones tour was the last time they came to Indy twice. I was lucky enough to be there for the Holloween show at the Arena, and talk about pot smoke, but it wasn't as bad as the ZZ top concert I saw there.

I actually was permantly turned off by Dave Mathews the last time I saw him not only because of the pot smoke (like you said) but the fucking fans. That and their music took a steep nose dive after Crash. Probably one of the worst shows I've ever been to.

John-O said...

I've seen Rush five times. That second Bones show at Deer Creek was the first, and then I saw them every time they came here after that, except for last summer.

Michael Maier said...

John: Oops! Either you edited your blog post or I had a serious brain fart.

I forgot to mention the revolting display of humanity at that DMB show. Watching dozens of females drop trou at the lawn's fence and making a urine river wasn't enough.

No, the loony druggies spinning in a frenzy knocking into folks... the foulest stench I think I've ever smelled (I think I'd prefer skunk close up to that odor)...

At the time, I noted if a meteor hit and killed everyone on that lawn, the world would have been much better off.

But yeah, I must agree on something else: DMB crashed after Crash.

I almost didn't buy "Streets" because in Modern Drummer magazine, Carter Beauford was babbling about "maturing as a player". I was stunned. Here was one of the most amazing busy-but-always-grooving drummers on the planet talking about paring down his parts.

I thought "this is gonna suck".

I shoulda trusted my instincts.