Wednesday, January 30, 2008

John Edwards And Rudy Giuliani Say Goodnight

Guess it’s time to take the John Edwards button off of the ol’ blog. Edwards announced today that he will suspend his campaign for President, without endorsing either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Despite running a fine campaign and avoiding more than this rivals the politics of personal attack, Edwards was unable to drum up much in the way of support in the early primaries and caucuses.

I admired his crusade against the corporate greed that truly lies at the heart of most of America’s most vexing problems. I have read that people are put off by the way that Edwards would rail against corporations on the stump, calling it “angry populism” - and it makes me wonder. It makes me wonder what people are really looking for in their candidates. Edwards sounded the most sincere out there on the stump - and people called it angry?

What the hell do I know? It’s down to four, two in each party: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Mitt Romney - and if we’re going to be completely honest, Romney is fading fast. Of the large pool of candidates that began this race for the presidency, those four candidates just might be the best four you could have culled for a political Final Four - if you left off John Edwards. It’s certainly the most liberal group of two from each party that you could have imagined - among realistic candidates.

On a somewhat related note, a number emerged Tuesday night. That number is 2331, and it is the number of days between September 11, 2001, and January 29, 2008 - the latter being the day when Rudy Giuliani’s disastrous campaign strategy crashed and burned...sort of like the twin towers of the World Trade Center crashed and burned 2331 days earlier. Giuliani got smoked in the Flordia primary Tuesday night, where he had hoped to win big and catapult himself back into something resembling contention on Super Tuesday. Instead of winning big, Hizzoner got a paltry 15% of the vote. 2331 days , then, is the maximum amount of time you can reasonably expect to be able to exploit a massive national tragedy for personal gain. Not that Rudy had much more to run on - this is the same guy who was going to lose the mayoral election that was scheduled for September 11, 2001, but which was not held that day, for obvious reasons.

But whose button to put up there now? I’m not all that fired up about any of the cadidates left in the race. Maybe we should go with Josh’s idea of Geddy and Alex in ‘08 - even though they’re Canadian and can’t serve as President and Vice President of this country. Josh also supports Bill and Opus in ‘08 as a “desperate choice for desperate times.” I could maybe get behind that - after all, would a couple of oddball cartoons really be that much different than what we’ve had in the White House for the last seven years?


jmsmdm said...


I throw the esteemed Calvin and Hobbes in the ring!!!!!


Prime Mover said...

How about the last 15 years. I don't see much difference between Bush and Clinton to tell you the truth. Both are pretty much "C-" presidents. Too bad Hunter S. Thompson is dead. How about Gov. Lepetomane and Headley Lamarr? They are corrupt but funny!

I'm not sure who I'll be throwing my support to either. McCain doesn't exactly tickle my nads but he's a lot better than Huckabee (who I couldn't stand) and Romney. Guilinani was just a one note character. On the Dem side I can't stand Hillary, there is not way that I would vote for her or her immense kankles. John Edwards? Couldn't vote for him since I'm in the medical field now, socialized medicine would mean no job for me. Obama? Sure, what the fuck?

I guess me and my coin I took to vote for 2004 will be going back to the voting booth in November of 2008.

Godfather Weilhammer said...

I was actually going to suggest Castro/Ahmadinejad '08. Granted...women won't be able to drive and if you disagree with the government you could be killed, but think of the funny hats and cigars.

Michael Maier said...

Too late. Slick Willie was already our first cartoon president.