Thursday, November 15, 2007

Of Burritos And Birthdays

Got an e-mail from Qdoba the other day - you know, the burrito place? They have one of those loyalty card deals and I signed up for official Qdoba e-mail when I registered my card online. (Oh yes, it's just as exciting as it sounds.) Anyway, my birthday is coming up, and they sent me an e-mail offering a free burrito because it was my birthday. Actual offer: free burrito or other entrée if I purchase another burrito or entrée of equal or greater value.

Okay...I can barely get one burrito down, and that's if I leave off the beans and request that they go easy on the rice. If I'm really hungry, I can put down some chips and guac with that - if I'm really hungry. And by really hungry, I mean it's time for Jeopardy! and I haven't eaten yet that day. Two burritos? No way.

But that's not the point. Actually, there's not really a point at all - just an amusing little bit at the end of the e-mail where they put in the fine print. What follows is what it actually says at the end of this e-mail - and with a tip of the hat to Dave Barry, I swear that I'm not making this up. Down there in the fine print it says:

Limit one birthday per year.

Seriously. That's what it says. Limit one birthday per year. Not "one offer per customer per year," or "offer not valid in conjunction with astrological phenomena that indicate that you lead a parallel life on Venus and are thereby entitled to double burrito action." (Not that there is a Qdoba on Venus, although I did hear that a Starbucks is opening soon, right next door to the first interplanetary Quiznos.)

Limit one birthday per year, people. That is all.


Jason L. Maier said...

That SUCKS!!!!

I thought about being 54 years old this year because I would use the excuse that in MY reality there are 2 years gone bye cmopared to everyone else's 1. I can't believe Qdoba won't recognize this...

Northsided said...

dude, you would never be an odd number of years old...unless you celebrated half birthdays, I suppose.