Sunday, November 11, 2007

Are Records Being Set Tonight?

So is throwing three interceptions in one quarter a record? How about a kickoff return and a punt return for a touchdown in the same quarter as those three picks?

(And as I'm writing this, he threw a fourth pick!)

But back to the first three and those two return touchdowns - if that's not some kind of record, then what if you add that the same guy ran back the two touchdowns?

Make no mistake, all of this is bad. Manning clearly was badly rattled by the Patriots game last week when he was also awful - and he has also clearly returned to the form he was in several years ago when he would completely lose his composure after one or two little mistakes.

But you know what's worse? Having to listen to Will Wolford do the color commentary on 97.1 FM. I used to think having to listen to Mark Herrman and Ted Marchibroda was bad, but having to listen to Will Wolford's cowboy mouth is even worse. Will, when you speak the word "time," you put a long-I sound in there. It's not tah-ahm, and it's not two syllables, honky-tonk.

So how far down do the Colts drop in the ESPN Power Rankings? Dallas goes up to #2, obviously; and Green Bay probably goes to three. Is Pittsburgh good enough to sneak up to four? I don't see the Colts dropping farther than fifth, but this is obviously a team with a lot of flaws and very little discipline.


Prime Mover said...

I think he's more rattled by the fact that half his offensive weapons (and line) are missing. I think the water boy made an appearance. There is no doubt that the Colts have a really tough schedule, the Pats have a bye week then play University of Northern South Dakota next week.

Last King of SCOOTland said...

I would agree with both you and Josh. As for the rattled thing, I think it is not just Peyton. I think Dungy was rattled too.

However, I think them missing 3 starters on offense, one on defense, then losing 2 more line-man and Freeney had more to do with this game than being rattled. From everything I heard, they knew they'd be without Harrison and Ugoh, but as of Saturday night, Clark was supposed to play. Losing him I think was the killer. I believe that Clark has now become Peyton's go-to guy. His security blanket. Having to completely change the game plan in one day because of losing him is not easy.

Now, I am not saying that Peyton is without blame. 3 of his eventual 6 picks were totally on him. One was a meaningless end-of-the-game pic, but 2 were just great plays by the defense, including a ridiculous one handed pic by Florida State's own Antonio Cromartie. The returns have been Colts problems for years. Our kick coverage has never been stellar, and it doesn't help Vinatieri can't always get the ball into the end zone.

Now, to me, we can't discuss faults of this game without bringing up the greatest clutch kicker in history who took 2 huge shots at his legacy last night. I'll give you one at the end of the first half. It was rushed and a little long. However, how do you miss a 30 yarder to win the game from the middle of the field? Terrible.

All in all, this was a tough one that was made even tougher by the fact that, even with the returns and pics, we should've won. However, to me this is more of a fluke type situation. I felt much worse after giving up 5000 yards rushing at Jax last year. There looked to be a fundamental problem then. Now I think we are just injured at key positions.

We'll be fine. We need to get healthy. I don't care about power rankings, we are better than the Cowboys and Packers and Steelers. We need to get healthy and just relax. We weren't gonna go 16-0. Hell we probably weren't gonna go more than 12-4. A road loss is not the worst thing in the world. We'll be fine.

Finally, be in town next week. Will call you.

Michael Maier said...

LOL, Prime Mover.