Sunday, August 12, 2007

Make A Joyful Blog!

Ah, there's not much I miss about working for Another Major Competitor. One of those things, however, is the good, quality conversations that used to take place with one Aaron Haag - and the Starbucks runs on Fun Night. Fun Night never really took off at Landmark, though, and I don't close on Thursday anymore, so the point is moot. And there's no more need for coffee runs since we have an epsresso machine. But it looks like the conversation might be back on - Mr. Aaron Haag has entered the blogosphere. He left a comment on my Wild About Harry post, and his profile reveals that he has a blog of his very own! Huzzah! So...head on over to Who Hates Goats? and check it out. Only one post so far, but I suspect Mr. Haag will make a fine addition to the neighborhood.

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