Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Welcome To Earth - Third Rock From The Sun

I'm at work the other night, talking with a couple of my guys, and during the course of the conversation, one of them mentions that the funniest headline he had heard in the news all week was this:

Man Beats Peacock To Death Because He Thought It Was A Vampire - And they say in the article that this guy might have been mentally disturbed. What I'm wondering is where in the thought process did this idea come up? I wonder this because if it wasn't first, then I think we should worry about the cops on Staten Island.

Of course, when it rains, it pours. Or, when one exotic animal dies, the floodgates open. I came across this not long after:

Man Allegedly Kills Zebra In Drive-By Shooting - No mention of mental illness in this one. Maybe alcohol was a factor?

A little closer to home, we have this:

Serial Killer May Have Killed Before - Go ahead, click on it. That's what it actually says. Serial killer may have killed before. Seems like he would have to have done, right? Otherwise, they'd have to think of something else to call him. Like just plain old killer. How much click-through revenue would that have generated?

And this one, while not a story in the news that has a link to it, is funny (a little) nonetheless. We took Jackson down to the Canal Walk last night, and while we were driving out there, we passed a woman driving a little white car, with a cigarette in one hand and a Starbucks drink in the other. I was just sure that she had one of those In God We Trust license plates on her car, but she did not. We went by her again at one point, and she had the cigarette and the Starbucks cup in the SAME HAND. That time, I was sure she had her cell phone in her other hand, but that also turned out not to be true. You know when you listen to the traffic report on the radio and hear about a "vehicle fire with entrapment?" It's because of people like that.

Meanwhile, back on earth, I touched a shark this afternoon at the zoo. The new Oceans exhibit is open (has been for awhile, actually), and today was the first chance we had to go check it out. I did not know ahead of time, however, that we were going to go to the zoo - otherwise I would have taken the camera - so I don't have any zoo pics to post. Amy suggested it after lunch, and it sounded like a good idea, so there you go.

Before that, we got sandwiches from Jimmy John's and sat down on the steps of Monument Circle to eat lunch. Then we walked over to that place that used to be The Cozy, then was The Blue Cactus, then became The Cozy again, very briefly - Pennsylvania Street, between Market and Washington. We had passed it in the car on the way to Jimmy John's and I thought I saw something different in the window - and when we went back, I found out that I was right. Now it's a second location for Vito Provolone's, one of the fine Italian restaurants in our fair city. The original location is way the hell down on the south side, where 135 and Stop 11 intersect. This new one is much closer to where we live now, although there has not been much (read, any) going out to dinner since Jack was born. Takeout, on the other hand, will work. I remember the tortellini fondly - spinach pasta stuffed with ricotta and romano cheese, served with tomato and Alfredo sauces.

Oh yeah...

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Shane M. White said...

Touching sharks is AWESOME, isn't it?!?!?!?

I really enjoyed that exhibit, and thought it was probably something I'll never get to do again.