Monday, July 09, 2007

More Baby Pictures

We had four generations of my family at my parents' house this evening, and several people on my mom's side got to see Jackson for the first time. My dad grilled ribs that he coated with dry rub yesterday, and my mom baked a peach pie. A number of pictures were taken. Here are but a few:

Four Generations

"I believe I have soiled myself, ma..."

Okay, that last one wasn't from today. Amy took that one at our house last night while I was at work.

(I'm experimenting with captions here. I don't officially know how to do it - if there is an official way. I had to copy and paste some code from one of Shane's posts and then tweak it to make the caption look right. I'm sure there's an easier way to do it, but I'm one of those dinosaurs who learned how to code HTML by hand.)


Justin said...

As I look at the pics of him being held by what seems to be grandparents ,all I think of is Bruce Willis' voice from Look Whos Talking ?..

Hillary said...

He looks exhausted! I guess a life of eating and sleeping every 4 hours is harder than I thought.