Thursday, June 06, 2019

100. Cerveceria Hondureña (San Pedro Sula, Cortés, Honduras) - Salva Vida

“Salva Vida is an American-type lager with a crisp, refreshing and balanced taste—not too sweet, not too bitter—that can be enjoyed by everyone.”

I didn’t do any kind of research into beer while we were in Honduras at the end of March, but I did find out that hanging out at the local Texaco gas station is sort of a hip thing to do, in a little town called Catacamas. Inside the Texaco is a sort of restaurant where you can get chicken wings, pizza, and sandwiches. You can also get cold beer out of the cooler—but you can’t drink it inside the Texaco station, or in the “dining room” at the back. You have to go outside. You can drink wine inside, which my wife and a couple of other people did. Those of us drinking beer had to go outside and sit on a picnic table. And while that was sort of punk ass, I did wind up thinking that it was kind of cool that I was chilling with some people and drinking a beer in Honduras.

Salva Vida lager seems to be the default “national” beer of Honduras. It is an unassuming caramelly lager that is crisp and smooth and goes down pretty easily. Not as good as the Gallo beer I had in Guatemala—but then again, nothing about the trip to Honduras was as good as the two trips we took to Guatemala. This is certainly not the best of the 100 beers I have so far blogged about, but it’s definitely a unique one for the 100th post.

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