Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Cat in the Hat Races a Cheetah

Today we got Jackson into his Halloween costume and headed out to the zoo for their annual Zoo Boo...uh, I guess it's an event, or something. Basically, you take your kids in their Halloween costumes, and there are Halloween decorations, and the kids can "trick or treat," which means that they can walk through one of the biomes and be handed candy at five different trick or treat "stations" throughout the biome. And when I say that they get candy, they get both candy and some kind of advertisement for the company that sponsored that particular trick or treat station.

It made me think of something Amy's friend Carolyn said at lunch today, about the science section of the Children's Museum—the area that used to be called Science Spectrum, in bright red neon light. Back then—this was before the museum went through its remodel and started charging admission—there were various science stations set up where you could pedal a stationary bike to show how electricity is generated in a turbine; walk across a wooden bridge-like contraption that could show you how much you weighed; and speak into a mouthpiece at one end of the room and have someone at the other end hear your voice come out of a matching mouthpiece, to demonstrate acoustics—among lots of other interactive activities. Now, as she so eloquently put it, everything in the science section is "sponsored crap."

It would seem that we could add trick or treating to that list, too. Nevertheless, you can still race a cheetah, and that is still an amusing thing to watch, especially the littler the kids are. When the kid is dressed up as the Cat in the Hat, just can't top that.

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