Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Last Word on "Civic Action"

My little experiment in civic action has failed. Tomorrow it will be three weeks since I sent e-mail to John Gregg, Mike Pence, and the Indiana Democratic Party. I got nothing back from any of them, other than the automatic acknowledgement from the Gregg website (which does not count). I knew Mike Pence was worthless, and I suspected that a southern Indiana “Democrat” like John Gregg might actually be a worthless DINO; but the lack of response from the machinery of the state party is particularly sad. Part of me wants to keep firing off the questions I set originally to John Gregg, just to see who out there might answer them; but I would only be setting myself up for disappointment. Part of me also wants to sit here and rail against how conservative and disappointing this state and its people are; but that doesn’t do any good, either. I tried to engage with some local politicians, and my efforts failed. The best thing to do is report the results—my questions were completely ignored by John Gregg, Mike Pence, and the Indiana Democratic Party—and move on. I know that I should actually be even more engaged than I am, that I should be doing more than just sending some strongly-worded e-mails; but working to correct the conservative nature of this state and its people feels more and more like a fool’s errand as each day goes by. This state and its people are happy to be conservative and ignorant. There’s a fine line between being engaged in local politics and just plain wasting your time; and I’m sure as hell not going to waste any money on it.

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