Sunday, February 07, 2010

For the Glory of Old IU

Yeah, I’m sad that the Colts lost, but what are you going to do? The first quarter was awfully good, with respectable offensive drives and a very aggressive defense - aggressive, but confused. They got into the New Orleans backfield numerous times in the first quarter, but none of them seemed to understand that the whole point of getting into the New Orleans backfield in the first place was to knock down Drew Brees. The Colts sacked Brees all of once, and that sack came at the hands of the guy with the bum ankle. Unfortunately, they apparently put a whole game’s worth of effort into the first quarter because after the first quarter they were, to a man, wretched.

I had a bad feeling in my gut pretty much as soon as the onside kick happened; the Colts always get burned on trick plays, and most of the time they never regain their composure. Despite the extremely poor effort by the Colts, I have to admit that I smiled a little at the end, when Saints cornerback Tracy Porter picked Manning and ran the ball back for a touchdown. Porter went to college at Indiana, and it’s not often that you see Hoosier football products get any glory in the NFL; but now this cat can say that he picked off Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl, ran it back for a touchdown, and got a Super Bowl ring. He also had the unenviable assignment of covering Reggie Wayne. Porter was equal to the task, though; Wayne only had five balls for 46 yards, and most of that was during the hurry-up drives at the end of the game.

Not bad for a rookie.

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