Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top Ten Films of the 2000s

So I wandered over to Shane’s blog last night, and I saw his Top Ten Films of the 2000s; and I thought to myself, here’s a good idea. I’ve been wanting to go back a few years to see how many movies I’ve seen anyway - because Ryan told me about a link to a list of every film released commercially in New York, broken down by year - and this seemed like the perfect seque into making that list and, of course, analyzing it.

I’ll be spending some time on this over the next couple of weeks - and I’m curious as to what other people’s lists might look like. The link that Ryan told me about is here - scroll down to the section called The Pleasure Garden, and you’ll see a link for 2009 NYC Commercial Releases (and years past linked in brackets to the right, all the way back to 1998). Clicking on each link gives you the major New York releases in order of release date. I’m afraid that my list is going to be heavy on mainstream junk, at least for the first half or so; and there was a long stretch in there where working for Another Major Competitor had pretty much destroyed any interest I had ever had in movies. However, shifting gears and going to work for a retirement home theatre - that occasionally plays an art movie or two - has mostly reversed that.

So anyway, that’s it. Anybody already got a list? Seems like people don’t blog much anymore, but it’d be cool to get this going like we got that list of questions from Troy going a few months ago.

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