Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Photos #7

Some of these go all the way back to the middle of July (which actually isn't all that long ago, now I think about it - just seems to have been awhile back). Just a whole bunch of random stuff, all in one convenient place, which is here. some shots of Jackson playing with a blow-up George Bush weeble I got at Half Price Books, one of those Battling Bush things where you can pretend to be boxing against an artist's fairly generic rendering of the 44th best president in the history of all these great united states that are just so great and united and liberty here in this average American country of ordinaries. Hopefully this will be the first step in teaching Jackson the important lesson that you should never vote for Republicans.

We've also got some shots of Jackson spinning around in my desk chair upstairs. The early indications seem to be that he's going to enjoy roller coasters like his dad does. He didn't like going way up in the air when he was very, very small - but he seems to have shaken that off, and it's pretty hard to upset his equilibrium these days.

There are a few pictures of Jackson going up and down a small bridge in Ellenberger Park (one of the few good things about my house is that it's situated so close to Ellenberger that you can walk to the park in about two minutes). He discovered that he likes to grab a rock from the gravel path, then walk up the bridge and chuck the rock into the creek, for the satisfying splashing sound that it makes.

The day after that, we went to the Middle Eastern Festival, which is going to replace the Greek Festival for us - now that the Greek Festival has left its soulful environs at 40th and Pennsylvania and moved to Carmel (mayor Jim Brainard's motto: "Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein!"). LIke all good-hearted people, I try to avoid Hamilton County as much as possible. The pictures of the Middle Eastern Festival are only of Jackson eating, but he does still like to mug for the camera (and I think he ate some pita and hummus that day). If you dig on Middle Eastern/Mediterranean food, what you get at the Middle Eastern festival is way better than what they have at the Greek Festival - and the prices are comparable.

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