Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Love Liza

Ugh. I watched this years ago at a trade screening at Eastgate. At least...I think I watched it years ago at a trade screening at Eastgate. The reason I'm no longer sure is that I thought I remembered liking the part I saw at the trade screening - for some reason, I wasn't able to watch the whole movie. I added it to the ol' Netflix queue, it came up, and I watched it this afternoon...and, damn. This movie is terrible. I'm wondering if there's another Philip Seymour Hoffman movie that has him lamenting a dead wife and huffing gasoline fumes - and if maybe that's the movie I'm thinking of. I cannot imagine how I would ever have thought any part of this movie was good. Even the usually-excellent Hoffman was bad, and so was Kathy Bates. The mind-numbing score was like something out of a pre-NES video game played on a Casio synthesizer from Target. I added The Shape of Things, with Rachel Weisz, to my queue for the same reason I added Love Liza - hopefully that will be a better Weisz picture than The Brothers Bloom.

Next: The Limits of Control

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troy myers said...

it has been said that phillip seymour hoffman wallows in the extremities of his ugliness the same way that a diva movie star does their beauty. even if it is in reverse, his narcissism has led him to put forth some pretty bloated performances through the years, this being one of the first.

and he wasn't huffing gas...that was his ego.