Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse Photos #2

Even with a better view of the moon and hours more conducive to this kind of work, these pictures still did not come out quite as I had hoped. Lesson learned - my camera has a zoom function. It was by using said zoom function that I was able to get such a good shot for the fourth picture. Unfortunately, I learned this lesson whilst taking the third - and final - batch of pictures.

These first two, though taken about four hours apart, were edited the same way - I used iPhoto to enlarge and then crop them. You can just barely make out the shadow of the earth beginning to encroach on the bottom left part of the moon in the first shot.

7:30 PM

11:15 PM

This shot is the same as the one above, except that this one was not enlarged at all and was only slightly cropped.

11:15 PM

This final shot is the only one that I did not alter in any way. I turned the zoom feature up as far as it would go and brought the image of the moon as close as I could, and then snapped. I took several shots this way, but this was the only one that was any good. The tricky part of the zoom feature is that the slightest motion while aiming causes the image to dance wildly in the viewscreen. Still, for a very amateur photographer, I think these - especially this last one - are decent, and I hope you like them.

11:30 PM

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